Medicaid Planning

With the monthly cost of long-term nursing home care exceeding $10,000.00 in some facilities, the cost of long-term care can often be financially devastating, wiping out or significantly diminishing an individualís or a married coupleís assets in a short period of time. Most attorneys and other professionals have very limited knowledge and experience in this area and often provide the wrong information and advice, particularly where the individual requiring long-term care has a spouse that continues to reside in the coupleís home. With proper advance planning, we can maximize the preservation and protection of assets for the at-home spouse, or an individualís children, and significantly reduce the period of time in which in individual would otherwise qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Although planning well in advance of the need for nursing home care will produce the best results, even if a loved one has already been admitted to a nursing home it is still not too late to seek planning assistance to minimize the assets to be utilized for such care. Do not accept someone telling you that you must spend down assets to $1,500.00 before being eligible for Medicaid benefits.

If you or a family member may be in need of long-term care, have any questions regarding Medicaid qualifications or would like to make an appointment to discuss Medicaid planning, please contact us.